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Behind The Scenes

Creating Value in All We Do

Building With Us


Consulting with our experienced designer professional provides you a holistic and informed design that will tie in to your specifications as well as the the planning and construction process, making for a quick turnover time to start construction.


The planning phase is a breeze with our design-build team. We are able to make modifications to the designs as swiftly as possible to correspond with any requests by the local planning authorities and get your approvals quicker, too.


With your designer, architect, contractor, foreman and project manager in one team - we oversee the entire construction progress, coordinate and supervise contractor work, advise you on selection of materials and so much more to keep to the schedule.


With our Turnkey approach and design-build services, you'll get your project done from scratch until it's completely ready for move-in - all worth the money you'll spend in constant collaboration with you and our team & expertise in one central source.

Our Team

We are proud to be offering our clients with the best design-build services in the Bay Area and becoming your sole point of contact for your design and construction needs.  We take our responsibilities as your design-builder seriously and to ensure a smooth journey when working with us, we decided to expand the family by having an in-house legal team with a can-do attitude to help us better serve all our clients’ needs.

Hamed Azimi

As Sasco Builders & Development’s Legal Manager, I am honored to be providing legal support & assistance to such a visionary design-build firm whose commitment to excellence truly cannot be surpassed.

Salma Mohamad

We aim to provide top-notch customer satisfaction from all aspects of your project. From start to finish, we’ll navigate you through the design-building process & address all your concerns and needs, be it legal-related and more.