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Building and Leaving Behind A Legacy of Knowledge

As design-builders, we’re fortunate to be able to leave our mark in this world by the rooms, houses and buildings we design and build for families and future generations. But we also want to leave behind a legacy where our knowledge and expertise could be of good use to you, regardless of whether you’re hiring us and just need some sound advice about building a project. 

After all, knowledge, when passed on, will live forever – unlike buildings made from concrete that demolish easily into dust.  As the wise Dalai Lama once said:

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality”

We couldn’t agree more.

We only want the best for our customers, even if you’re just passing through our site. So, we try to help you out as much as we can by giving you the most useful and truthful information we can when it comes to pursuing a project to build. Whether it’s a crash course on knowing the options you have for project delivery (read here), or you’re interested to learn more about what design-build entails (read here), we’ve got a pretty impressive collection of resources for you, so far. And one thing’s for sure, we won’t stop sharing with pieces information from our vault for as long as we know that we may contribute to helping you make the most well-informed decision when it comes to building a home (which you can read more about here).

In our efforts to share our knowledge, we greatly hope for and rely on our visitors’ support as well. From online advertising to content sharing and establishing and maintaining presence on social media (follow us on social media here), Sasco Builders & Development is embracing the times like a true millennial. We are working hard to engage more audiences, sharing interesting blog posts to educate readers and targeting users who are seriously in the market for a remodel, addition or a completely new building. It’s the time where people don’t even know you exist if you don’t have an Instagram or Facebook account – #losermuch, #dinosaur.

Luxury home with swimming pool

But, you’ll find no complaints from us here at Sasco B+D. Even with the common (but true) perception that the construction industry is pretty old-school due to its straightforward nature of involving hard, physical manual labor by still using the same type of machinery from 10 years ago (sometimes even more), we’re always looking ahead to the future. We’re thinking of ways to revolutionize construction and make the experience of design-build to be innovative and engaging, rather than something tedious or boring. In an upcoming article, we’ll even let you in on a few ideas we’ve been throwing around the team in order to grow with these modern times and make building your dream project interactive and exciting. 

So Stay Tuned

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