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Change Of Address

We’ve Moved!

Good news! Sasco Builders & Development is expanding and we’ve decided to move to a bigger and better location for ease of access to all our clients and resources. We have big plans for our humble company, and we’ve decided that getting more space is definitely the way to kick-start those big plans. 

Temporary Location (Until: April 30, 2019)

While undergoing this expansion process, we will temporarily be located at 1798 Technology Dr Ste 246 San Jose, CA 95110. You will be able to reach us here for now and we will still be available to meet you at our temporary office or at the convenience of your own home, whichever would be the most convenient. 

Permanent Location (From: May 1, 2019)

But, don’t worry. Starting from May 1st, 2019, as we await for our permanent office to be ready for move-in, you will soon be able to find us at 1762 Technology Dr, San Jose, CA 95110. With our move and expansion plans, we hope to achieve more success, more customer satisfaction and more dream projects coming to life for our clients with our company. We hope to see you there!

Rooms: 3 (Legal – CEO – Conference)
Appointment: Required 
Available for 4 guests (4 seats)

Ask staff for the details if you need 

Know More About Our Team's New Members

As we started to scale, we decided to expand the team and take it to the next step by having the in-house legal team/department.

Hamed Azimi
Legal Manager

As Sasco Builders & Development’s Legal Manager, I am honored to be providing legal support & assistance to such a visionary design-build firm whose commitment to excellence truly cannot be surpassed.

Salma Mohamad
Legal Manager

We aim to provide top-notch customer satisfaction from all aspects of your project. From start to finish, we’ll navigate you through the design-building process & address all your legal and contractual needs.


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