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With Design-Build, there is no separation of contract between the Designer and Contractor.

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In this blog post,  we’ll be providing you with a little tour and some insight about the two types of project delivery methods of construction known as Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build.  The most widely used method is Design-Bid-Build, which is commonly referred to as the traditional method.  What does this entail? For starters, it involves you, as the home-owner, to first retain a Design Professional to design your project and sign a separate contract with them. This initial stage itself can seem like a burden. Most potential clients usually check the market for a few designers and meet with them to test out their skills in being able to most accurately draw and design your vision of your house on paper. Your Designer would be responsible in producing complete design documents, ready to be used for construction. 

building contractor

Once your Designer has completed the documents, you would then proceed with hiring a Building Contractor to bid on your project based on those design plans. This would involve you executing a separate contract with them as well. From this separation of contracts between the Designer and Contractor comes a separation of liability, which is crucial to understand. It basically means that the Designer and Contractor are not contractually bound to work together and are not accountable to each other. Hence, if any issues or delays were to arise during construction related to the design, you would absorb those risks. At the end of the day, the Designer will only be responsible for the drawings, but not in executing them and he certainly won’t take the blame if your home isn’t constructed as how it was designed. 


In this traditional method, the owner usually has to play an active role throughout the entire building process if he wants his home to be built the way he envisioned it without a hitch. Some project management capabilities may be required as you would need to oversee the construction process to completion. This could entail making sure that your contractor and subcontractors understand and adhere to the design plans when building, supervising the schedule and keeping to the deadline, keeping abreast of any costs incurred from change orders which commonly occur as often as daily and  so much more. With DBB, there may be more downsides to it than you think (read more here at The Wonders of Design-Build)

single contract

With Design-Build, on the other hand, there is no separation of contract between the Designer and Contractor. This method has been gaining more popularity over the traditional method for the past 15 years or so (and we’re not simply saying this because we’re a design-build firm!). As you read on, you’ll likely agree with us. With Design-Build, its main premise is the unified team of professionals working as one team for you. This team, which we’ll call the design-build team or DB Team, consists of all the professionals you need to start the project and acts as a single point of communication throughout the entire design and construction process. Confused? Let’s break it down  for you here so that as a homeowner, you’re privy to all your options and know exactly what you’re getting into. 

all under one roof

We’d like to use the analogy of The Avengers. It’s a group of superb and talented individuals with super powers (some don’t and just have really cool weapons, we know). They all work for SHIELD to protect the world from harm. This analogy is akin to a design-build team where your designer, contractor, architect and engineer all form part of one team who work for you through a single contract. With Sasco B+D, your team will have access to a Designer with a General Contractor License who is experienced in both construction and design. This basically means that our team will know even from the first meeting, how best to recommend designing your house that will not only look amazing, but will be according to your specifications and proposed budget. This way, we bring value to your home in terms of design, functionality, quality and purpose.

more benefits of design-build

One Single Contract

Both Designer and Contractor will work together hand-in-hand in order to complete a project from inception to completion.

Liability Solely On DB Team

If any of these parties fail to carry out their duties and cause hiccups in the project, the whole DB team would have failed in its endeavor to build your perfect home.

Less Assumption Of Risk

From the DB team’s side, there will be more care and caution taken in your favor to execute the project as professionally and perfectly as possible.

Benefits Of Team Work

The teamwork provided from the integration of all the services you need leads you to faster completion times, cost-efficient solutions and heightened quality.

That is why design-build is popular - There is continuous communication and collaboration with the owner and all the professionals involved so that everyone is in line with the goals and visions of the project. A wise man was once quoted saying, "The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison." At Sasco B+D, that goal is bringing to life your dream home – and our team is committed to that mission.
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