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Charles Dickens once said

Such truer and wiser words could not be spoken – and which completely reflect our vision here at Sasco Builders & Development. 

We don’t only just want to build your house for you – we want to create a home that you and your family will love and find comfort & solace at the end of a hard day’s work. Your  vision of how you imagined your home to be like is important to us, and as we start our journey from Designing to Planning and finally, to the Construction phase, we’d like for you to be able to maintain those visions every step of the way. 

Working with us allows you to be involved as much as possible, to address all your concerns the best we can with all the professionals under one roof. We understand that when you created the idea of how your dream house will look like, the designs have been finalized and all permits have been approved– all that’s left is building it and making it come to life. All the stakes are here and you’ve put the best team in place to construct what you love into a place you will love, every brick of it. 


“The edge that you’ll have when you hire us as your design-build firm is that we are not only designers – we also own a General Contractor’s License. Equipped with these qualifications and our years of experience in managing the construction process, we make sure that tasks get done in the most cost-efficient and timely manner. We keep to the schedule we’ve set and manage the work of our subcontractors wisely without ever compromising in materials, workmanship and overall quality. “

We function as a unified team under one main contract with our clients, and that makes us your eyes and ears for the whole duration of the project. Our success is your success, and any delays or construction problems that may hinder project completion reflects poorly on us as your project manager. With design-build contracts, we work together as a team of designers and contractors, unlike the traditional design-bid-build contract. This collaboration designates our firm as your single point of contact and with this major responsibility, we aim to make the construction phase go as smoothly as possible. Hence, no blame-game here if anything goes awry and the project suffers delays. 

Whether it’s resolving on-site problems as they arise, coordinating the schedule of work of the subcontractors, quality control services at every stage of the project, scheduling inspections with the local agencies – we’re there for you. We also assist you in selecting suitable material to be used on-site, without ever cutting corners. It’s professional and top-notch quality work, every step of the way. 

As your general contractor and designer with experience in construction project management, we’re pretty much your overqualified foreman with a cape on site. And we’re proud to be watching over the construction process of your dream home, ma’am.