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Planning is the key to success

Most home-owners, new and old alike, may not realize that there are a lot of hoops we have to jump through before proceeding to the construction phase. We know that once the actual building stage is commenced, most people experience that little extra excitement as they feel that they finally envision the day when they can actually move in to their new home. Admittedly, reaching that stage is definitely a huge sigh of relief. But, before we get there, most are not aware of the meetings we need to appear for as well as the approvals and permits that need to be obtained from the local planning committees for the proposed project. Whether it’s a remodeling, an addition or a completely new home, depending on the extent of the project, a lot of work and time goes into the Planning Phase as well.

Why is it called “Planning” and why is it considered part of our services but still distinguished from the rest, just like Designing and Construction? That’s because we dedicate as much effort into this phase as the rest. We act as our client’s Liaison for all matters pertaining to obtaining design approvals from your local Planning Committee, which we then proceed with the process of getting your building permit. Prior to this, the Planning Committee must first approve the construction plans before they can submit them to the Building Division.

It’s quite common that some lots or sites may have additional requirements to build on because of environmental issues, grading requirements, soil bearing requirements, and long driveways or other access problems. These are all issues that our team will resolve for you as well. Keep in mind that laws and rules may differ depending on the jurisdiction of your project, but we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Being in the business for more than 10 years, we have developed good rapport with the local committees and authorities due to our consistent professionalism as well as listening to the committee’s concerns and responding well to their responses. Once the designs have been finalized and we are schedule to face the Design Review Committee to obtain their approval, our design professionals themselves will appear on your behalf to present the project and answer any questions or concerns of the committee related to the design.

These concerns could range from a variety of issues and may even come from your neighbors (and we’ve met some very nitpicky ones!). From privacy concerns related to the positioning of the windows which may or may not overlook into neighbor’s home, to environmental concerns or issues pertaining to the elevation of the design that may potentially block the views of your neighbors – all these are real-life situations which we have faced and swiftly resolved. How, you ask? Easy.

Since you made the wise decision of opting for a design-build firm, our designers themselves who had appeared for the meeting will instantly understand how best to resolve any concerns or modification requests from the committee. Unfortunately, these meetings can go for up to months or even years if these concerns were never addressed properly or the designs didn’t conform to their requests as specified.

But don’t worry, the great news with us is that since our team and designers are so actively involved from Day 1 and we have the necessary professional experience in dealing with the committee’s expectations, we are committed to flying through this planning stage as swiftly as possible to bring you a little bit closer to building your dream home.