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A Traditionally Modern New Home

Project: Redwood City


From Scratch - Design Build

This was a design-build project that Sasco Builders & Development started to work on from scratch in 2013.

undeveloped land

It began as a completely new construction on an undeveloped piece of land that measured 8000 square feet.

modern and traditional!

The new construction involved a 2 ½ story home measuring 4,500 square feet, where our clients requested for a beautifully modern yet still quaintly traditional design.


Our designer came up with a hybrid design which complemented both the old and new perfectly. This home had found the perfect balance between the traditional and modern look, with:


This was a Turn Key project that underwent construction in a quick span of 10 months, with approval from the Building Committee having been obtained in 7 months. For a home that involved developing the land, building 6 bedrooms and 5 ½ bathrooms and not to mention some unexpected challenging underground water issues on site, our team breezed through design and construction quite speedily and created a house that the owners will always be proud to call “home”.

A few images from the final result

dining room

living room



living room


front view




walk-in closet

dining room


"... Simon was great to work with and he gave the project attention to detail that I wouldn't have even thought to look for. If a problem arose, he was quick to get it taken care of. ..."
Charlie E.
(San Jose, CA)