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Tastefully Traditional Yet Luxurious

San mateo

This project was a design-build in San Mateo that involved a custom traditional design which our clients were interested in converting a 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom house to a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. 

The owners sought to add another level to their home in order to fit an additional bedroom and bathroom. With hardwood floors, a gas fireplace, single hung windows and traditional style cabinets, our team designed a house that made them feel completely at home with its warm & pleasant simplicity.
Simon Ilkhani

San mateo project


In the kitchen, you’re met with unique farm sink, granite countertops with pendant and recessed lighting that exude elegance and style. The bathroom is a sight for sore eyes as well. Marble tiles surrounding the walls of the shower stall unit and a pebble stone shower floor with a marbled niche in the wall truly make for a luxury style of bathing.