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In this era where presence on social media is everything, we definitely don’t want to be left behind. As a design-build firm in the construction industry, it seems peculiar since it’s a niche specialty and the targeted audience may seem very small. After all, who exactly scrolls through Facebook, ready with their whole life-savings to invest and spend on for their dream home? Unless if you’re a millennial millionaire or struck literal gold in your twenties, that’s probably not you. 

Simon Ilkhani, MSCE

Sasco Builders and Development

At Sasco B&D, we take your project seriously – and we want everyone to know that they’ve got their savings entrusted in the best hands possible. It’s not only a house made from cement and bricks. It’s your children running around the gorgeous stone patio, the elegant curved marble staircase where you daughter gracefully walked down from for her first prom, the joyful laughs in front of the cozy stone fireplace. But most of all, it’s you. It’s you and your husband or wife growing old in that very same dream home that you had envisioned together. 

We want to realize that dream for countless others. We’re not simply in the business of designing and building homes, we’re in the business of making dreams come true. Either you’re a satisfied customer or looking around to hire us for a future project, or even if you’re potentially planning to build a home but you’re not exactly at that stage in your life yet – we hope you can give us your support!

Whether you’re an existing client or just looking around, come and follow us on Facebook. Our new website at https://sasco.builders also boasts great new features like a Live Chat Function as well as a Blog and Testimonials section. If you’re a previous satisfied customer or a current one and would like to give a review, we would truly appreciate it if you could take some time out of your busy schedule and post one on our website at https://sasco.builders/testimonials/

You could also post a review on Google, Yelp, Houzz and Facebook and share with others what you’ve enjoyed most from our services. Whether it was the step-by-step consultation process, the design and building recommendations or working with our team at Sasco and its CEO, Samen Ilkhani – we hope that you’ve had a pleasant experience that’s worthy of sharing with many others out there looking to build their own casa de sus sueños (dream home).

We truly appreciate your support in helping us achieve our dreams of bringing other’s dreams to life. By letting more people know about what our humble company at Sasco Builders and Development has to offer in the designing and construction industry, we hope that our presence will become more known and reach more people out there with amazing projects of their own. Be it a house, an office or a complex remodeling project – we’d love to be  the preferred choice as your top design-builder in the San Jose area. So, let’s get started!