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We’re Up for a Remodeling, too!

A little bit after the change of address (Read More), we are happy to launch Sasco Builders and Development’s new official website!


Just like how we remodel your precious homes, we’ve decided that Sasco Builders & Development could use a little remodeling and improvement ourselves, too. Growing and expanding a company is no easy task, and we want to achieve the utmost results as we move forward. How do we do so? Well, we’re kicking it off with a completely new website that boasts a smooth, more professional and classy look – just like our designs. We are designers as well, aren’t we? And we should definitely look the part.

Not only have we changed how it looks, we’ve also migrated to different and completely unique URL  which we assure you no other company has. At https://sasco.builders, our URL should be as distinctive as our firm in the design-build industry. 

As with everything new and improved, we aim to optimize our customers’ user experience in navigating our website, of course. One of our new features include a live chat option in our contact page. If you have any questions for us, you can now easily click on this button and start communicating in the most convenient way. No more being put on hold and waiting unnecessarily when you can just start a chat with us immediately!

In addition to this live chat feature, we’ve also recently added some new faces to the team which may assist you better depending on what your needs are. Be it an inquiry on design-building, a free quote, a legal or contractual question in relation to your project – we have designated different departments set to answer all your questions. Though separate, all departments are trained to answer all your questions even if you’re not sure which category it falls under.

Being able to call us while you’re navigating our website is another amazingly useful feature that we’ve implemented. Not only do you have the option of dropping us a message to contact us, but you’ll also be able to call us online through our contact page. This feature will enable you to get answers as quick as possible by speaking to one of us on the team directly, should you require any assistance or require answers immediately.

Don’t feel like talking to us directly? We understand perfectly. Take advantage of our other newly added feature called the Ticket System. This Ticket System is commonly known as a helpdesk for customers, where our clients who may be experiencing any issues with our services can submit a question and be issued a ticket with reference number. This will enable us to answer your questions more thoroughly through this method, and get back to you as soon as possible by addressing the ticket you submitted to us. Be brief, but detailed so that we can help you out the best we can.

As if all those amazing features weren’t enough, our new website contains pages describing the services we offer as well. Our services and what we have to offer you for building your project is definitely the highlight feature here, especially when you realize that we do it all. From designing to budget-planning, engineering to construction, obtaining permit approval to even what type of cabinets you want in your dream home – our all-in-one services is one of the most unique and comprehensive ones around. Simply go to our Services tab and read more about it. 

Some Of The New Website's Features

Permanent Location (From: May 1, 2019)

As announced before, from May 1, 2019, the address of the company will be changed to where you see on the map below.

In addition to our Services page, we also now offer a new feature which showcases our Portfolio page where our potential clients can easily look and judge for themselves whether they would like to retain our design-build services. What better way to make an educated decision on designing and building your dream home than looking at what our company has done so far for our previous clients? Take a look at what our clients have to say about their completed projects in our Testimonials page and see how committed we are to absolute customer satisfaction!

You can also keep up to date with Sasco easily now with our new Blog. The stories and intricacies behind the design-build industry is unique and growing every so often – and as a company dedicated to keeping abreast with current technology and implementing a visionary approach with a modern style, you can bet you’re in for some interesting content from us. You can even let us know if you’d like to see any particular content on our blogs, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

With so many new useful features to our website, we hope that our mission to provide that absolute customer satisfaction experience when you deal with us becomes even more complete. We hope to be providing more amazing features and content very soon, but until then – stay tuned and consider SASCO as your favorite design-building firm. We’ll make your visions come true and be with you, every step of the way.