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Looking for a one-stop-shop for all your building needs?

Look no further. Design-building is our expertise, and we aim to bring your dream project into a reality with as much convenience as possible. With a design-build team of professional designers, architects & engineers at your service, we pave the road to your dream home as efficiently as possible.

Our services


Our expert designers listen to your needs and work with you every step of the way, creating a design of great value to you based on your budget & specifications


Scheduling and coordinating timely responses from our designers when obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from local planning committees


Keeping to the construction schedule while managing the entire construction process and coordinating subcontractors on-site in order to achieve smooth project delivery

turn key

Have your home move-in ready with our team of experts ready to provide you with all your needs to make your house livable and comfortable

1. Design

At Sasco B+D, we understand that you may already have that perfect vision of your dream home – and you may even have dabbled as a designer yourself when you sketched out your version of that long-awaited home of yours. The great news is that with our designing services, those valuable sketches of yours and ideas will be the core of our initial meeting with you.

Our design professionals will listen intently to what you envision for your home and correspond them with your needs such as your proposed budget, functionality, etc. From there, we will provide the advice you need in order to build a home that would not only be beautiful, but sustainable, functional and bring further value to it in the long run.

At this design stage, we will take a look at the project site and all relevant measurements and pictures as well as any plans which you may have in order to make the best recommendations to building your home based on your needs. Once we’ve created the drawings and conceptual floor plans as approved by you, our designers will proceed to collaborate with our architects and engineers in order to achieve the best possible working drawings. 

By working together from start to finish with the designer, architect and engineer, we will proceed to have our experienced superintendents conduct a complete constructability review to make sure that based on the final drawings, your project is indeed buildable.

Our expert designers will listen to your needs and work with you every step of the way, until your vision of your dream home becomes a reality.

Michael Prevot

“… Simon reviewed what needed to be done, priced it out with multiple options & she ended up with more done for less cost than the others were quoting…”

San Jose, CA

2. Planning

Functioning as a team of experts in the design and construction industry with constant communication and collaboration while being aware of the entire construction process makes the whole planning phase a breeze. Once the working drawings have been finalized, our team will proceed to prepare the building permit application and packet submission to the local jurisdictions.

Dealing with Local Authorities
We do it all

We act as your liaison with the Building or Planning Committees and other necessary departments within the local jurisdiction of your project. This stage in the planning process is just as important as every stage in the design-build process, just as tricky and may take you months to complete if you don’t have constant communication and collaboration with your designer.

During meetings with the committee, our clients face the possibility of objections from the neighbors surrounding the proposed designs and drawing. Concerns related to the plans of the house causing invasion of privacy issues, the overall appearance and structure of the house, environment preservation and a whole multitude of issues have known to arise during these meetings. As part of our services to you, we appear on your behalf to address these issues and make sure that the project will get the necessary approvals and permits in order to keep to the schedule.

To date, we have successfully conducted presentations and passed all meetings with flying colors and kept to our schedule for beginning construction. This is another advantage of working with us as a design-builder – we are able to coordinate the responses from local committees with our design professionals in timely fashion in order to address any requests for modifications. Time is precious and by providing all our services under one roof, you will get a quicker turnover time with us.

3. construction

Here is where all the designing and planning begins it fruition – the construction phase. As your design-builder, we prepare the schedule for construction and coordinate the work of the subcontractors in the most efficient manner. Being privy to the overall design of the house and understanding the needs of our clients from the earliest stages, we become very well-informed in the construction stage as well. This proves valuable in a achieving a smooth construction process with lower risks of delays, unexpected budget increases and conflicts with all parties involved.

4. turn key


As a design-build firm, we completely understand the need for convenience and efficiency. Hiring us to build your dream home comes with the option of making the journey a dream come true as well, and that is why we offer the Turnkey Approach for our projects. We aim to provide you a complete set of services and expertise for which you will not need to further waste your time, energy and money on.

inception to completion

What could be better than getting those keys and being able to move in to your dream house immediately? Our team will be sure to speed that process up for you. After construction, a lot of work is still to come especially in terms of equipping your home with its electrical, mechanical, water, sewage and fire sprinkler systems and so much more. We collaborate with the engineers, electricians and relevant authorities to make sure that the basics of your home is up and running. When we say completion, we mean that your every need in your home can be well provided for - down to the kitchen cabinets to the modern furniture you'd like to compliment your beautiful, modern home.

“… Simon was great to work with and he gave the project attention to detail that I wouldn’t have even thought to look for. If a problem arose, he was quick to get it taken care of. …”

Charlie E. (San Jose, CA)

“… Simon has a masters degree in civil engineering, unlike most of the contractors that I have worked with in the past,  and their estimation was very professional and accurate. …”

Janet B. (Mountain View, CA)