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You’ve probably heard the terms “turnkey” being used a lot if you’re in the market for building a new home or doing an addition or remodel. In the literal aspect, “turnkey” paints a pretty comprehensive picture of what it means – which is simply turning the key and moving in. Now, what it preludes to brings a wealth of possibilities in its usage. Whether you’re offering a set of services or an assembly of products to a customer, turnkey in the construction industry is aptly used to describe a project that is built or constructed to completion, ready for move-in by the customer.

We Offer Turnkey

Some resources online would tell you that Turnkey and Design-build are two distinct types of approaches in construction, and even provide you a list of contrasting features. Although this may depend on every firm’s business model, we here at Sasco Builders and Development offer the Turnkey Approach in all our projects because we believe in offering you the best services all under one roof, all with constant collaboration with the home-owner – and that is the essence of design-building.

Turnkey & Design-Build

Turnkey and Design-build actually work hand in hand, instead of opposing each other. Why do we say this and how am I rebutting those articles that clearly differentiate the two? Well, for starters, the main similar feature that both the Turnkey and Design-build method offers our customers is convenience

By working with our team, you have the option of making the journey of achieving your dream home into a dream journey as well. One that doesn’t involve you second-guessing yourself, countless hours of research online, consulting with multiple designers, engineers and architects to get as many informed answers from the professionals until finally – all you’re left with is wasted hours, tons of saved links in your Bookmarks folder, too many business cards and not even anywhere close to building your home. That dream home suddenly looks more like a nightmare now, doesn’t it?

Don't Worry!

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"By working with us, we can save you all that drama. With our design-build services, we save you the hassle of meeting with designers and contractors and having to negotiate and contract with them separately (which further leads to a whole lot migraines if delays in the project occur along the way). By signing one contract with us, you are provided with the expertise from all the best design professionals, contractors, architects and many more around. "

Start your journey to your dream home

Adding Turnkey to our services further makes your life a whole lot easier as it simply means that we will do all the work necessary for you to complete building your home until all that’s left is for you to move in. This work includes but is not limited to the electrical, refrigeration and water elements of the home, fire sprinklers on site, wiring, and any other components to make the home ready. Never fear, we do this with constant communication and collaboration with you every step of the way so that you are always kept in the loop in the progress of the construction of your home. 

Home, Sweet Home...

When you opt for Turnkey with us, we get you expert advice and quality work from the best professionals without sacrificing any of your needs and desires. It is, after all, your dream home and we are pleased to be of service.